About Us

Anchored on the tenets of home cooking and that food is not “one size fits all”, ‘beysic was created to provide highly personalized food solutions that prioritizes an individual’s needs and wants. Factoring in sustainability, science, society, religion and all other influences, we aim to provide options for each and every one.

…because we all have our own essentials, our own non-negotiables, our own beysics.

Our Food

Having a family whose love language is food, it was inevitable that we engage in the food business. Being exposed to this industry has led to the invaluable experience of dealing with patrons who have different preferences and varying degrees of personalization.

‘beysic meals are inspired by these preferences, the uniqueness in each and every one of us, our travels and life in general.

All our meals are crafted in small (almost individual) batches, making each meal highly customizable. Recipes are all made from scratch and we pack and plate each meal by hand. Food is never frozen and is sent to be delivered to your doorstep as soon as completed.

Simply put, we do the hardwork so you don’t have to.